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It Gets Me in Trouble
It Gets Me in Trouble
I'm afraid this is truth.
I'm not afraid to say.
The only thing I hate.
The only voice I have.
Inside are my jealousies.
Inside are my fears.
I don't believe it.
I don't believe it!
It will get me in trouble.
:iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 0 3
Z and her mum. by EyePokeyLeigh Z and her mum. :iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 2 2 Zooey by EyePokeyLeigh Zooey :iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 2 5 Holding a finger heart... by EyePokeyLeigh Holding a finger heart... :iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 0 1
Tragedy is Never as Bad
This disease, the one slowly milking me
has turned me into a nothing again.
Where all my worst worries are golden,
infesting my dreams with the worm,
I wake up with a swollen throat and can't breathe.
Will you do nothing for me?
Am I the ground you only crawl in?
Can't I go back to be amazing?
This disease, the one slowly engorging my body
is taking my thoughts and churning them into a face.
A face I never thought I'd see again.
A World's Worst trophy won,
in a untimely happy moment in life.
Have I sinned the worst sin?
Am I so unfit that I need not to be?
This is the life I'd like, but where am I?
This disease, the one slowly changing me
turns me to the breaking point.
I crack and I bleed,
I hunger.
Life seems to only threaten me.
Do I deserve?
Does it get better?
Am I with my last wits end?
This disease, the one slowing killing me
has taken all that creates into one,
my void for misfortune and tears
won't end in tragedy.
Or I hope not...
:iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 2 2
someone scream
I'm not hesitating
I'm not here debating
I'm so
from everyone else
the only one hating
the only one fading
away my life sways to me
I'm not here saving
for you aren't here waiting
for me
take my whispering eyes
through these desolate times
I'm not just surviving
I'm the only one thriving
on you!
I'm not enjoying this fate!
can't someone develop some hate?
i can't scream!
without thinking of you
all that trouble for you
what you put me through!
I'm so tired
of thinking of you
all the shit that i do!
nothings good for you!
stop me if i'm wrong
i won't fit your mold
i can't ever be bought
fake, your something I'm not
in case you forgot
you can't force me
:iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 0 2
Me-ID by EyePokeyLeigh Me-ID :iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 1 2
Stupid Boys
Only because you don't remember, to give a shit about a lonely girl who misses you.
Just to assume, your dick's nonoperational, so I won't pretend to miss it.
You can fake a smile to try to hide it, but I only know you now.
:iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 0 3
It thumps in my stomach
like a jack-rabbit doing porno
with a thick rim and little lube.
I may make a nick
and claw at it with my fingers,
ripping to overcome my hunger
a bounding leap over the ledge
No peeping toms to curdle up to me,
a slight draw of the hand
and poke a cherry clean
until it bleeds down your legs.
Shaved toes to a restless bounce
creep upon an open wound
with my tongue, tasting fear,
drooling with a lost stare,
finish me.
:iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 3 4
Riding in Cars... by EyePokeyLeigh Riding in Cars... :iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 0 3
There is enough space between your eyes, to fit your little brain.
Not enough space to fit your meager personality.
Too much space for your intellect.
And I hate that every part of you sucks.
You're not good enough for me to be thinking about.
The best of me is without you.
In a better life you do not exist.
And I hate that I care.
:iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 2 7
Only blue skies after a suspended slumber.
Protected arms cure my sleeping eyes.
Heated blanket conform to our every curve.
That smile can caress these moments to move
a feeling I won't ever shake off.
Softly touching ticklish skin too tender to tell.
A love that not fade away.
:iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 0 6
there wasn't even a glare that fell over my face
even when they had slipped from their grace
there's a beautiful place, i hide in the darkness
my confessions fold out into a confusion-mess
if my eyes could only strike out that night
being powerfully visible, like my presence while you sleep
there's a part of me that'll kill if you break me
assuming, you'll never be needed.
i'd carry you to the park, and place you on a swing
we will float softly through the polluted air, once
then lightly we'll take off in flight, a sweet lullaby
waves rattle, my poor saint to sleep, late
a tired horn at rest sings a song
my talent quiets in lime light.
Freedom warmth has risen rivers, pools.
Red turns to black.
Good night my sweet love.
:iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 0 4
kitty by EyePokeyLeigh kitty :iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 2 5
1. Bored to existent of my heart that you keep
2. Belonging your life, that they feel to give me
3. My due uncertainty from them, my heart breaks, but you hold me
4. Little questions I need unanswered, to live
5. I'm sorry, my space is a bubble wrapped around you
6. Secrets I do no wish to hold, have me holding, I'm in love, and always will be
7. Confusion could never settle my mind, but you do
8. You remind me, that no matter what, you're there, and I'm fine.
Now, it's my turn!
:iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 0 3
my height could never be the length of you
to never reach the clouds I fly in,
I forget what it's like to swim.
my tender toes touching snow
first ideas forming into reality
eyes folding into soft butterfly origami
these arms i rest into nightly
safety too undeniable to taste
darkness wrestles my fear
happiness poured into tears
a sugar light high exists in me
you are my place in the sky
What is this?
:iconeyepokeyleigh:EyePokeyLeigh 2 6


my sixth finger accentuates monkey
an extra thumb to surprise my watchers
wiggling in tandem with its twin
inching forth to bleed your gaping wound
how you shine with void!
It's purpose known to none
but those who are already gone-
Cloud Beings
Makers of our Tree
They will never
ever set us free.
As clever apes compute
trajectories of stolen time
bending mobius strings anew
to weave these thoughts of you.
So saddle up your ruminant
stuff our heads with rhyme-
I'll see you in the monkey-house
where sadness cannot climb
:iconjingoist:jingoist 2 0
BnW by vomitingunicorn BnW :iconvomitingunicorn:vomitingunicorn 1 2 -- by vomitingunicorn -- :iconvomitingunicorn:vomitingunicorn 1 2
He awoke in an unfamiliar surrounding, at the center of a field of striated jiggling tubes that churned and belched noxious gasses into the purple glowing sky. He thought he must be dreaming, but he never dreamed, ever. The tubes were aware of his presence, it was obvious. The undulations lessened in frequency the closer they got to him. I could be on a different planet, he thought, and this is some kind of alien life form. Or perhaps I am the dream, I am the dream, I am the dream of the jiggling belching tubes.
The hive awoke disturbed. The dream of the water-entity had come again, but this time the hive could hear the thoughts of the strange being- a most distressing development. Perhaps it had something to do with the odd-tasting rain that had fallen that morning, a salty, sickly taste that burned and burned our flagellae, even now its aftertaste sang an odd and alien song...Perhaps we are dying after all... we have dreamed of death before- perhaps it is finally time. But we
:iconjedfire:Jedfire 2 8
Pack by kris-wilson
Mature content
Pack :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 5,828 0
Mature content
beast :iconjingoist:jingoist 3 0
Mr.  Pug 03 by sharadhaksar Mr. Pug 03 :iconsharadhaksar:sharadhaksar 313 37
in their lidless realm
no distance contains light
immortalized dendromembranes
vibrate fuzzy-numbered points
each node spikes branched planes -
but here is not there
in slow green stasis space
arrows point nowhere
narrows wont pace there
parrots now see thin paths
tarot pits war tree tastes-
others do not think as we
sailors on an endless, sordid sea
seeing sodden, sudden ends
as summations over fated histories
framed by imagined spherical lives-
revolving in edgeless, windowed rooms
freezing, fading, gravitonal tombs-
refusing to dissolve.
re u in    t   dis olve.
e u  n          i   olve.
    u              i         .
:iconjedfire:Jedfire 2 7
Wonderland Forest by JohnSu Wonderland Forest :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 3,941 938
I am just a suit
made of meat, electric.
There are 6 billion others
just like me.
Who wears these suits?
Where do they go
after taking us off?
Am I wearing this suit?
Or am I the suit itself?
They are invisible,
playing a game
with us

To them, we are the suits-
We know nothing,
only that things are not as they seem
:iconjedfire:Jedfire 1 8
Cat by helenchen Cat :iconhelenchen:helenchen 2 3
Distance holds our grasp restrained-
this bitter dream unfolds in blue,
improbability ingrained-
a love unlikely, pure, true
A laugh, a smile, a warm embrace,
hugs that heat this winter chill-
another time, a different place,
these hot desires to fulfill-
Some day we'll wander, hand in hand
throughout this verdant forest land,
recalling when our love did start-
when distance held our hearts apart..
As bitter faded, sweetness grew-
This love alone is all we knew..
:iconjedfire:Jedfire 2 16
moonless looms an endless night,
this frozen chaos seeped in gloom-
all my hope has taken flight
off to nowhere nothing floats
like emptiness drooled onto ice
creeping darkish clotted blood
that once did fill these veins, no more-
that quickened sweet when you were near-
that thudded blushes in this ear-
as pain and pleasure dealt so sore
a timespace frame in fire stood
smelted sickly sour spice
seized salted stringy horned goats
as all our smiles were smeared in spite-
bursting bile like bad mushrooms..
as horror gripped my sight..
as dreams of you and I..
as hopes of hot flesh flew..
as we alone who knew..
as i now see, goodbye..
smiles not
in love
as void
:iconjingoist:jingoist 4 0
Safe Coke Sex by bestgreenknight Safe Coke Sex :iconbestgreenknight:bestgreenknight 65 35 Head shot hallway by JustinRandall Head shot hallway :iconjustinrandall:JustinRandall 178 86 The Joker by GUNRANDO The Joker :icongunrando:GUNRANDO 306 69



Gotcha by ArtistsForCharity Gotcha :iconartistsforcharity:ArtistsForCharity 72 11 Selfish by yuumei
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Selfish :iconyuumei:yuumei 25,648 5,680
Miss Muffet. by Endling Miss Muffet. :iconendling:Endling 4,226 616 points of view by sanja points of view :iconsanja:sanja 8,558 1,390


And I haven't written anything since. How sad to think that my job has taken over any free time I once had. Ah to be young. And now to be old.


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